Landscape folding packaging diversion instant café


Zygote®, synonymous with the first cell of a new life, is a design studio that creates household objects and furniture with new forms and uses.

Each object is a prop for telling a story.

Conceived as a complete family of objects, the Zygote® universe encompasses many themes.


Shapes inspired by nature. Landscapes, valleys, volcanoes, and stalactites all give rise to new interpretations.


The manner in which one uses an object can bring about a change of attitude or bring to mind the symbols of everyday life.


A second skin inspired by scaffolding and the sensations it gives us - the sculptural yet hazy perspectives, the graphic representation of a printed tarpaulin.


A way to work with angles and surfaces, to play with the inside and outside worlds the way balconies do, to explore the elasticity of materials.

Zygote® creates objects for homes, restaurants and hotels, accessible to the individual and indispensable to the professional.